Who Is the Best Real Estate Agent in Pasadena Top 10 Best Agents


None of these agents on my list know I am writing this, and I am not being compensated to endorse any of them. In fact, if you haven’t figured it out by now, they are actually my competition 😲

Well we use a tool called broker metrics provided by Terradatum. Now broker metrics pulls all of the sales reports from the Multiple Listing Service, okay, it does not pull off market property sales and it doesn’t pull any commercial sales as well, so right now you might be working with, you might be interviewing, you might be talking to a real estate agent that may not show up on this Top 10 list of agents in Pasadena that doesn’t mean that they aren’t a good agent. All it means is that their sales figures weren’t enough to make it in that Top 10 list.

As long as their a good fit for you as long as you feel comfortable and confident that the real estate agent that you are working with can help you achieve whatever goals it is that you might want to achieve then continue working with that agent.

This list is simply provided just so that you could have an idea of who the Top 10 agents are based on sales figures. After I share this list with you I am going to share some of the qualities that these top ten agents have and there’s a good chance that whomever you might be talking to outside of this list is going to share those similar quality, so we’ll talk about that in a little bit but for now let’s just talk about the top ten, okay?

Top 10 Best Agents:

Number #10 – We have a a tie it was a tie between Eva Lin and Michelle Downing.

Number #9 – We also had a tie between Jayne Parsons and Cariy Hernandez.

Number #8 – You’re gonna have to forgive me if I butcher your name, Dari Thein.

Number #7 – Michael Bell.

Number #6 – We have a three-way tie, Jason Berns, Laura burns, and Teresa Fuller.

Number #5 – Janice McGlashan.

Number #4 – We have a tie again Reni Rose and Hans Hagenmayer.

We are now in the top three!

The top three real estate agents in Pasadena based on sales production records provided by tariff data broker metrics are:

Number #3 – Jessica Romero.

Number #2 – Max Pellegrini.

And number #1 – Tracy Do.